Yes, it’s the hour of reckoning page, and it comes before the good stuff–but you can skip ahead, too!

     Yes, this is the hour of reckoning page, and I wanted to say just a little about what the PayPal donation button is for (I know that one, you say).  First of all, it’s very challenging to begin with to set up even a partially formatted website, and for those folks who go the full method and do their own sites entirely, kudos to them.  Secondly, even when we know the valuation is sometimes unfair to one or the other of us, the world does tend to measure us in terms of dollars and cents, so it’s important to find some validation that means something beyond just the sheer pleasure of writing, fine as that is.  Also, no one minds hearing the chink of change in his or her pockets.  And finally, most of us would like nothing better than to make money doing something we love doing anyway, in my case writing, teaching, or discussing literature with friends, family, and colleagues.

     While I’m naturally interested in your donations, I don’t want you to feel importuned or harrassed; but just remember that each of my novels (and my poems and stories to come later) has taken considerable time and thought, life experience, and literary skill, though of course you wouldn’t be a careful reader if you didn’t keep yourself open to dispute of these issues, with me as with everyone you read.  What I’m hoping is that you will find enough value in what I’ve written to want to keep my efforts going with monetary as well as verbal encouragement.  I certainly will be giving you verbal encouragement, and monetary when and if I can (obviously for all of us it depends upon our own financial success).

     So, this page isn’t meant to be a sermon, but a well-intended explanation of my purpose in wanting contributions for my work.  You probably have some of the same goals for yourself, and I’m only telling you the obvious.  All kidding aside, my “hour of reckoning” page has been pretty mild and logical, don’t you think?

     Warmly wishing you all the best,

     Victoria Bennett


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