“‘Infinity in a Grain of Sand'”–The first poem post of the New Year

This first week of the New Year, while I was sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike me as to what activity I should start with next, a phrase popped into my head:  “infinity in a grain of sand.”  As is often the case, I found out after looking it up that I didn’t have it quite right:  what William Blake actually said was something more like “To see a world in a grain of sand,” followed up by “infinity in an hour.”  But since Einstein, it’s apparently been thought that time and space are not distinct, so I stuck with my own title, with a nod to Blake (and Einstein).  This was my first poem of the New Year, 2018:

“Infinity in a Grain of Sand”

Love is an old man who sleeps poorly,
And awakens cranky with his wife in the morning.
Love is a young girl who can’t find one shoe,
And her mother calling repeatedly.
Love is a young man working on a truck
For his friend, who probably won’t pay him.
Love is the Earth going ’round,
With the universe still expanding.

Love is a cat who doesn’t have fleas or ticks
Still scratching herself and bathing methodically.
Love is a mother hen, pecking one chick on the head
And flapping her wings, and trying to crow.
Love is a horse rubbing its rump against the rail
And then trumpeting its voice to the donkey
Two stalls down, who answers.
Love is the Earth going ’round
With the universe still expanding.

Love is the mathematical equation
That the teacher writes on the board
Hoping his students will think him profound.
Love is the gravedigger, on a cold day sitting on a frozen mound
To eat his lunch, and drink the soup
From his thermos, which his wife filled.
Love is the conjunction point where all of them meet
Each in his or her own world, not yet complete.
Love is the Earth going ’round,
With the universe still expanding.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/2/18



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3 responses to ““‘Infinity in a Grain of Sand'”–The first poem post of the New Year

  1. Happy New Year! Love is indeed many things, I find the gravedigger example as very poignant; so simple, visual and perfect. Love is also an anagram of vole, if you are an animal lover.

    • Yes, indeed, I am an animal lover, but a vole, as I understand it, is something like a shrew or a mouse, which cats like to hunt when they are outdoors. Luckily for the vole population, my cat doesn’t go outside. Love as a gravedigger was a particular instance I wanted to include, since so many people find it to be that way, but it’s a “feeling” gravedigger, in any case. Happy New Year to you too, and thanks for reading. I’m missing all the commenters I used to have, they’ve most of them stopped even doing their own websites, but you have remained faithful, my friend, and your comments are always worth reading.

      • I have noticed a drop off in ‘the old guard’ of blogging so to speak. It is a shame, especially when people go quiet without explanation but I will always remain a faithful follower. I notice that a lot of the newer bloggers seem more interested in comments and likes than interacting. Not all of them, I hasten to add but it is a distressing trend that is becoming very noticeable.

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