Just a Moment’s Thought–A Poem Called “Advice”

In the last few days, I’ve experienced a slight slowing down of poetic inspiration, which may mean that I need to return for a while to posting on other people’s works, I don’t know.  At any rate, this poem, “Advice,” a moment of whimsy, was all that really occurred to me today.  At least it’s based on conversations and experiences we’ve all had….its universality will have to speak for it!


Don't worry about quickly
Worry about well,
She said,
Anybody can do quickly.
Yes, but, I said--
And forget about
What to call it,
You know,
It is what it is.
Yes, but--
And don't try to second-guess,
You can drive yourself crazy
Trying to second-guess
And figure things out.
Yes, but--
Above all,
Get more than you give,
It's a mug's game, else.
Yes, but--
I know how you feel,
But you've got to look
At the bright side.
Yes, but--
Win or lose, it's your choice.
Yes, but--
And stop arguing with me!
You asked for my advice,
Didn't you?
Yes, but--
Well, what?
You don't understand.
What's to understand?
You have to be strong!
Yes, but....
It's not your life,
You don't know what it's like!
I thought that's what you valued,
My objectivity.
Yes, but--
Do me a favor, okay?
Don't ask my advice
The next time!

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 2/1/17

That’s all!  Just a thought about casual advice; it’s probably equally frustrating from both sides.  Shadowoperator


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One response to “Just a Moment’s Thought–A Poem Called “Advice”

  1. Haha, love this, how familiar these statements all are, there is something to be said for quiet reflection after all!

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