About Big Brother and All That–A Poem Named “Territory”

Today’s post is mostly just for fun, and as you can see if you’ve been following, I’m temporarily at least back to a rhymed format for the poem.  The sentiment is not particularly new, but I hope at least that I’ve found a new set of words to express an old and  venerable thought.


There's a map of the coastline
Hung up on the wall
And it shows every inlet
And cove, and it all
Mimics with faith
The precisest of curves
And angles and places
Whereat the line swerves.
It's from Google, they say,
And can be counted on
To present population
In gray and in brown.
In the harbors and at sea
The water is blue
An improbable shade
That has nothing to do
With the ocean's true color,
Nor is inland shown
In a color more likely
If it's truly put down.
But the shape, now, the shape,
On that we can rely,
For Google has had
A big hand in the pie.
Were it larger,
We're told,
We could see our house clear
Except at the winter,
A time of the year
When weather's obscuring
The visual range,
But somehow it all seems
Unaccountably strange.
For I understand that from outer space
Could even be seen
To look up at the sky
And present my petitions,
Whatever they are,
And if God doesn't hear them,
Google will, it seems clear;
And as long as I'm asking
For knowledge of what
Can be seen or be heard
From this tiny small dot
Of a little blue world
Then I'm really all set
To put forth my opinions,
Do searches, and yet
I'd like reassurance,
As I spy copiously
That God can see Google
While Google sees me.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/31/17

That’s all!  Just a (somewhat scary, I think!) thought.  Shadowoperator


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