A Quirky Poem About Hope and Love–“Remembered Loves”

Quite often, because love is something most of us want to find in a lifetime, and because so many things can go wrong in our search for it, we have to keep a sense of humor in order to go about looking for love, or we’ll just lose hope entirely.  This poem is about hoping against hope, as it’s known, that things will work out right, somehow.

Remembered Loves

Why is it that remembered loves
Seem hardly real to me
Compared with how I feel right now?
Do I love contentedly?

I don't love more contentedly,
In fact, I love in vain,
But I have loved so other times,
Nor felt this kind of pain.

And other times I have as well
Told my love, been reproved,
Nor have I recollection of
Then having been less moved.

And yet, this time around I feel
That heaven must me bless,
And what makes me deserve this now
I can't begin to guess.

Perhaps it's that I'm older now
And feel I have a fate
To be loved well and copiously
Before it is too late.

So love me, love me, love me please
Accept my love as what
You've always wanted urgently,
And what you've never got.

Do this for me, and I for you
Will try to do the same,
To make all your remembered loves
Regrettable, and tame.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/24/17

Have a good evening!  Shadowoperator


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