The Essence or Real Nature of a Person or Thing–A Poem Called “Quiddity”

The term “quiddity” signifies the essence or real nature of a person or thing.  I have chosen it for the title of this short, cheerful (and possibly quite mistaken) poem in order to make a point:  what we are at our cores may be very different from what we feel about ourselves most of the time.  I experienced a moment (only a moment before I sank back into everyday uncertainty) in which I felt quite happy about my chances in life.  This poem is the result:


I had a very strange moment today
Of being glad I was I.
It wasn't just like the usual
Which oftener ends in a sigh.
What caused it, I couldn't quite tell you,
Or just what made being so right,
But buoyant I felt, and happy and quick
And ready to put forth a fight.
Though challenges face me, I'm safe now,
Though foes may be strong in my path,
But the way I was feeling this morning,
I think I'd just see them and laugh.
I had a peculiar notion today
That somehow, my problems were small;
They didn't seem nearly as big as before
Or I not so ready to fall.
What prompted this state of elation
I couldn't quite say and don't know,
But if it's now time for a battle
Then by heaven!  I'm ready to go.
I don't think I'm captain material,
Though let me just say it again
That if I continue as I was today,
Then I'd be surprised not to win!

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/23/17

One can’t feel this way all the time, of course, but if you’re feeling this way at all, in spite of all the bad things that have happened in the public arena lately, then I’d advise you to take advantage of the feeling and try to do something worthwhile, even if it’s only to work some more on poetry or fiction or posts on literature:  you never know whom you might affect to the good.


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