Another new poem: “A Rhyme for the Hard-to-Please”

Having done various experiments with different forms and after attempting to break my meter and rhyme habits, I’ve gone back into my old habits for another poem, a whimsical one this time, a little forlorn and sad, but one with a certain humor as well.  The rhyme and meter seemed necessary to suit the subject, so I hope the fact that most or at least many poets these days don’t use rhyme or meter won’t offend.  Here goes:

A Rhyme for the Hard-to-Please

I don't have faith in rain,
I have far more in pain;
For rain just comes and goes,
But when pain comes, it grows.

It bows and bends my heart,
And makes a hollow smart;
How could it hurt and pine
And to leave thus decline?

I don't see much in snow,
Though it refuse to go
Like pain; it blankets all
And casts a weary pall.

For though snow stays and stays,
Like to pain's dreary days,
Ice crystals may shine white,
And may some days be bright.

Least trust I, though, the sun,
Which every day does run,
From East 'round to the West,
Each hour, without rest.

It too, like pain, is there
Though it may not appear
To be within our gaze
Or showing forth its rays.

And while all, sun, snow, rain,
Do each their force retain,
Sun most does with pain flirt,
Because it joy asserts:

When forth across the sky
The light shines out on high
Then pain does plain and moan
Because it is alone.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/17/17



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