A free verse (unrhymed and unmetered) poem: “Lovers Through the (R)ages”

This is a short poem, and is the first totally free verse poem I’ve written since I’ve been putting poems on my website this month.  It’s only got one simple thought, really, but I hope you’ll find it an interesting experiment, nonetheless.

Lovers Through the (R)ages

Frankie and Johnny
Abelard and Heloise
Romeo and Juliet
Bonnie and Clyde
Titania and Bottom
Match each to each
And however far the reach
They forfeited all the right
To claim ordinary comforts
But drove them toward the cliff face
Whether a grim step down
Or faintly comic trip
We owe them this:
They taught us
About limits
And how not to stop
Or grieve overmuch
For the lost commonplace.
At least two were literate,
But none required us
To keep an occasion book
Full of tender sayings
Their minds were one and all
Sterner and finer
As even Bottom saw his opportunity
And took it with him.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/10/17

Though some may, of course, debate that Bonnie and Clyde had “sterner and finer” minds, they were basically as obsessed with each other as all the others, and so I include them here. That may perhaps make the poem have a more ironic tone, but irony can be a good thing!


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