“How Lovers Think”–a poem

Yet another poem on the topic of love and lovers for my site, only this time it’s more about the thought patterns of lovers when they contemplate the beloved person.

How Lovers Think

Swing me softly, swing me low
Chariots sweet are nothing to it,
Bathe me gently in your flow
Of dear love and sweetly to it
Love me deeply, so I feel it
And the dark past cannot steal it.

Rapture me as true religion
Of the profane human region
Your fond love the gods intended
When from heaven’s bourne they bended
Love me sorely, so I rue it
And think not, but swoon unto it.

Shelter me, and give me haven
‘Till I find myself half craven
To relinquish for a minute
Your embrace and all that’s in it
Love me lastingly, and surely,
And cling just to me as purely.

And should ought of earth divide us
Or of humankind deride us,
Search for me amid the stars
‘Till you find my avatars
Love me as we are immortal,
And not bound by earthly portal.

Swing me softly, swing me low
In the path of fire and glory
Bathe me gently in your glow
Where the eons tell our story
Love me always, as I love you,
With just measure writ above you,
Love me always, as I love you,
And with mercy writ above you.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/7/17

So much for lovers’ philosophy of love, with its hyperbole and occasional contradictions.  It wouldn’t be human, would it, without these two things?







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2 responses to ““How Lovers Think”–a poem

  1. Epic on both the personal and astral. You set the tone and chose the words well =)

    • Thanks; I tried to get in the three or so ways in which lovers see themselves, as humanly passionate, as eternally fated, and at last as well-balanced individuals, longing for just measure and mercy. It’s intended to be even a bit humorous, as most of the poem is so extravagant in its goals and wishes, but finally the tone modulates to at least having “just measure” and “mercy,” at the end. Anyway, I had fun with it. Thanks for reading!

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