A poem called “Chaos”–new poetry for 2017

Finally having written a few personal poems, I have now turned my attention to a more public scene.  Here is the result:


As hard snow slants down from an overcharg'd sky
As crowds dash for cover without asking why
So winds, debris tumble
And foul up the air
The gasoline alleys
Have never smiled fair.
And no one can coax the piano to play,
The band is all idle, in strange disarray
Where they sit on the bandstand
Awaiting their cue
But the bandleader's missing, it's just me and you.
And the dogs, they are barking
But none dare to bite
For the quietus dares them and gives them a fright,
As if they'd learned "Hamlet"
And stood on their paws
To recite forth what drove them, each lacking a cause.
And we people, who are we?
Who ask for the map
Of each little misnomer
Each tiny mishap
Our news is all full of the why and the how
But what perplexes us most is the little brown cow
Who has stood on the billboard
For ten years at the least
Then explodes in a blast
And is not at the feast.
For as each of us knows, in his own heart of hearts,
There are only so many true heavenly parts
And we fear for the day when we're asked to account
For each tune we did warble, each hobby horse mount.
It doesn't much matter who judges or when
As the clock ticks on solemnly "they were evil men,"
And we ask to dismiss us our grossest of deeds,
While we hypocrites nod and tell over our beads,
And it seems all we do is tell over our beads.
Awaiting the Frenchman's august commands
Who suggested that all of us have "dirty hands,"
"Oh, God bless us," we say,
"Surely someone is wrong,"
"Let us lift up our voices in riotous song,"
Thinking God is deceived on the why and the how,
Though he hasn't forgotten the little brown cow.

©Victoria Leigh Bennett, 1/7/17




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3 responses to “A poem called “Chaos”–new poetry for 2017

  1. It certainly sounds a desperate, apocalyptic situation. The cow billboard and ‘distant deity’ feel makes me think of The Great Gatsby and its long-standing, long-neglected sign.

    • You are right in seeing the cow billboard as central to the meaning: I was thinking from the very first line of the world in the clutches of terrorists, whether foreign or home-grown, and how much chaos we have become accustomed to, sadly enough. The reflections upon God’s position in all this at the end are a reflection upon what people think about how they themselves fit into the picture, whether they think of themselves as partly responsible or totally innocent, which of course even the most peaceable of people isn’t really (at least not according to “the Frenchman,” Jean-Paul Sartre). Cf. his play, “Dirty Hands.”

      • Personal opinion: Religion was created to help convince people to build benevolent communities and reject oppression, but they were taken over and manipulated by the greatest threat to every good idea – ambitious, greedy people who saw it as a way to accumulate power. If people can use it to validate their actions, they will, for good or for ill =(

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